How Insurers Can Reduce $112 Billion in Losses By Combating Climate Change at Home

If you think it’s getting hot in here, you’re not alone. Already this year, India and Pakistan hit triple-digit temperatures with a deadly heat wave that lasted more than three weeks and caused birds to fall from the sky. Last year, the Pacific Northwest saw record-setting temperatures that soared above 110 degrees with a “heat dome” that buckled […]

Getting Up Close and Personal: The Future of Insurance Engagement

By Geoff Martin, President + Co-Founder Many insurance companies fail to deliver the values and services that today’s consumers want. J.D. Power 2019 Home Insurance Study found 74% of customers believe the home insurance industry needs improvement, and 13% call for radical improvement. To us, these numbers reflect the current state of engagement in the industry – […]

Insurers: Level Up Your Digital Game Now (or It’s Game Over)

Modern consumers want – and expect – the world to be in the palm of their hands. They download apps and pay their bills online. “Buy it now” comes in the form of a button, not a brick-and-mortar store.  The Amazon Effect, or learning how to “deliver and capitalize on heightened tech-driven consumer expectations,” has […]

Only the Most Trustworthy Survive: Generating Digital Trust in the Insurance Industry

If you operate in the insurTech space or any other industry within the greater digital transformation landscape, you have already learned that to drive performance – trust is a business imperative.  Unfortunately, trust can be difficult to attain in a digital world when the speed of innovation outpaces consumer awareness. It is absolutely essential to […]