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Have a homeowner horror story? You're not alone! Tune in to the vipHome Podcast, where homeowners like you share their stories and we talk to professionals to help you prevent these issues from occurring in your house. 

Join Hosts Jeff, Caroline, Jacqueline, and Megan every week for insights and tips about homeownership. 

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How to Stop Pests from Becoming Unwanted Guests in Your Home with Orkin

How to Stop Pests from Becoming Unwanted Guests in Your Home with Orkin from vipHomeLink on Vimeo.

Unwanted pests have a way of crashing inside your home’s crawl spaces, attic, and yard. From ticks to mice to even scorpions, you want to make sure your home is safe and pest-free. Glen Ramsey, Tech Services Senior Manager and board-certified entomologist for Orkin Pest Control, stops by the vipHome Podcast with DIY home pest control tips. 

Glen explores why you shouldn’t vacuum a stink bug, forget to cut your grass, or pick up a scorpion by its tail. Also, hairspray may be every homeowner's best friend, and just what pest made a home in Caroline’s arm? Watch the latest episode to find out! 

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