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Have a homeowner horror story? You're not alone! Tune in to the vipHome Podcast, where homeowners like you share their stories and we talk to professionals to help you prevent these issues from occurring in your house. 

Join Hosts Jeff, Caroline, Jacqueline, and Megan every week for insights and tips about homeownership. 

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Powerful Tips to Increase Energy Efficiency at Home

We Talk Energy Efficiency with PowerHouse from vipHomeLink on Vimeo.

As you increase your energy usage at home - whether remote working or charging your tablet - you’ve probably seen a rise in your energy bill. To help you learn new ways to increase your home energy efficiency (and lower your costs), Hosts Caroline and Jeff welcomed Megan Turner and Peter Seyfer of PowerHouse Presented by Alliant Energy to the vipHome Podcast

Turner and Seyfer have been helping customers with energy conservation and safety for almost 25 years, and they bring incredible energy-saving tips to the podcast. Where should you start your efforts (from the top down), and just which way should your ceiling fan spin in order for you to feel that cool breeze? 

Plus - we learn why you absolutely need to be careful while completing diy projects (or you just might find a boot through your ceiling - true story!), and what did Caroline’s parents find in their fireplace vent? It’s all in the latest episode of the vipHome Podcast. Listen now! 

Share your homeowner horror stories at [email protected], and you just might find your story on our next podcast! 

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