vipHomeLink expands homeowner ecosystem through marketing partnership with Guardian

Leading insurTech to offer Guardian water shut-off device to further protect homeowners

December 13, 2022. Morristown, NJ. vipHomeLink, the U.S. technology company that provides the leading digital home management and engagement platform, announced today a marketing partnership with Guardian, a division of Elexa Consumer Products, Inc, a leading provider of leak detection and water shut-off devices for residential and commercial consumers.

Founded in 2018, vipHomeLink simplifies homeownership with a mobile solution and expert digital content, while engaging and empowering homeowners to make their homes safer, more valuable and more energy efficient. The Company provides its customized solution primarily to partners in the insurance industry, where the branded platform helps drive homeowner retention, improves brand affinity, and prevents insurance claims.

Guardian is a system of leak detectors and a main water valve controller that work together to detect leaks and shut off the water supply automatically, preventing further damage to the home. The Guardian device is installed very simply by the homeowner, requiring no tools or pipe cutting. Approximately 30% of home insurance claims involve water leaks, and they are the most expensive peril for U.S. home insurance carriers.

“Given vipHomeLink’s mission to ‘prevent the preventable’ through our innovative platform, we naturally align with other smart-home and IoT solutions in the home space,” says Alfred Bentley, CEO & Founder of vipHomeLink. “We have always advocated for automatic water shut-off devices to help prevent and mitigate water damage, and appreciate this partnership with Guardian. ”

Through this collaboration, vipHomeLink will feature Guardian in its homeowner “ecosystem,” a curated group of select partners and products that vipHomeLink offers to its members to streamline, simplify and automate homeownership. In addition, vipHomeLink builds awareness for partner solutions by incorporating them into both expert digital content and member communications.

“Guardian’s solution aligns perfectly with vipHomeLink’s prevention-focused platform,” adds Jon Storino, Guardian’s Vice President. “Our founders experienced the devastating effects of in-home water damage, and we created the Guardian device to provide a simple, affordable and highly effective water shut-off solution for all U.S. homeowners.”

About vipHomeLink

Founded in 2018, vipHomeLink is a digital home management solution that helps homeowners maintain, organize, and improve their homes. The Company markets its platform to insurance companies and other corporate partners to drive engagement with homeowners, prevent home insurance claims, and increase retention and referrals. The solution simplifies homeownership, facilitates home maintenance, and improves home safety through expert, multi-channel digital content, tailored home recommendations, an interactive in-app experience, personalized home reminders to members on the platform. vipHomeLink is based in Morristown, New Jersey.

About Guardian

Guardian, a division of Elexa Consumer Products, Inc., was designed from the ground up to allow all home and property owners to protect themselves from water damage. It’s easy to install, quick to act, and capable of stopping most types of plumbing leaks dead in its tracks. Water damage is the single biggest cause of home insurance claims. Guardian is a patented self-install solution that requires no tools or cutting into pipes. Other features include: running for up to 12 hours on the optional battery backup; long range capability — leak detectors can be placed up to 1,000′ away from the valve controller; it requires no hubs or other 3rd party products; and it provides off-line functionality enabling it to detect leaks and shut off the water during even without an active Wi-Fi signal. For more information:


Geoff Martin

President, vipHomeLink

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Jonathan Storino

Vice President, Elexa USA
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