Leading insurTech companies partner to further simplify homeownership

vipHomeLink expands homeowner ecosystem through partnership with Armadillo

January 4, 2023.  Morristown, NJ. vipHomeLink, the U.S. technology company that provides the leading digital home management and engagement platform, announced today an ecosystem marketing partnership with Indiana-based Armadillo, the technology-driven, subscription-based home warranty company.

vipHomeLink simplifies homeownership with a mobile solution and expert digital content, while engaging and empowering homeowners to make their homes safer, more valuable and more energy efficient. The Company also provides a customized solution to corporate partners across the insurance, real estate and mortgage industries, where the branded platform helps drive homeowner retention rates, prevent insurance claims, and improve client satisfaction.

Armadillo is a tech-enabled home warranty company, founded by seasoned insurance executives Matan Slagter and Lansdon Robbins, to make the home warranty process effortless. Armadillo’s innovative warranty plans cover the costs of repairs or replacements, and their team coordinates service appointments. The Company is backed by Hornbeam Insurance, a trusted property casualty insurer.

Through this collaboration, vipHomeLink will feature Armadillo in its ecosystem of partners that members enjoy to streamline, simplify and automate homeownership. In addition, vipHomeLink builds awareness for partner solutions by incorporating them into expert digital content, home recommendations, and member communications. 

“Given vipHomeLink’s mission to simplify homeownership through our innovative platform, we naturally align with other tech-enabled companies who have great solutions for homeowners,” says Alfred Bentley, CEO & Founder of vipHomeLink. “We truly appreciate this partnership with Armadillo and look forward to introducing our members to an easy, cost-effective way to protect the major systems in their home.”

“Armadillo’s mission is to eliminate the headaches that come with homeownership, which aligns perfectly with vipHomeLink’s mission to simplify homeownership,” adds Matan Slagter, Armadillo’s CEO. “We’re excited to help a new generation of homeowners take care of their home through technology-enabled solutions.” 

About vipHomeLink 

Founded in 2018, vipHomeLink is a digital home management solution that helps homeowners maintain, organize, and improve their homes. The Company markets its platform to insurance companies and other corporate partners to drive engagement with homeowners, prevent home insurance claims, and increase retention and referrals. The solution simplifies homeownership, facilitates home maintenance, and improves home safety through expert, multi-channel digital content, tailored home recommendations, an interactive in-app experience, personalized home reminders to members on the platform. vipHomeLink is based in Morristown, NJ. www.viphomelink.com

About Armadillo

Armadillo is a technology company that offers home warranty plans designed for a new generation of homeowners.  Armadillo offers subscription-based plans for homeowners and landlords. Appliances and major systems in a home will inevitably break down; it comes with the territory of home ownership. The Company’s plans cover the costs of repairs or replacements, and the team coordinates service appointments. Armadillo exists to make this process effortless and create a new age of home warranty. Armadillo is based in Clarksville, Indiana. http://www.armadillo.one


Geoff Martin

President, vipHomeLink

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Matan Slagter

CEO, Armadillo

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