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Cooking Safety Tips

Cooking can bring us together, show love, and nourish our bodies, however cooking fires are the cause of 50% of home fires. Holidays such as Thanksgiving only increase the risk. In fact, the number of home fires doubles on Thanksgiving Day according to the U.S. Fire Administration. It is imperative to take the proper precaution to prevent fires. By following a few safety tips you can greatly decrease your chance of a home fire due to cooking.

Be Alert

If you have not gotten enough sleep or have consumed something that may impair your abilities it is best to leave the cooking to someone else.

Create a 3 Feet Zone

Keep kids and pets at a distance of 3 feet away from where hot food or drink is being prepared.

Mind Your Cooking

Unattended cooking is the number one cause of kitchen fires. Remain in the room and at home whenever you are preparing food and watch for signs of danger such as smoking grease. If you do need to leave the room, even for a short period of time, turn off the burner.

Keep a Lid or Baking Sheet Handy

If a small fire starts in a pan turn off the burner and cover it with either a lid or baking sheet and wait for the pan to cool completely.

Get Familiar with Your Fire Extinguisher

Not every fire extinguisher works on every type of fire. Experts recommend homeowners have a fire extinguisher that is classified for A-B-C fires. These can be used to deal with fires related to turkey fryers. NEVER use water to deal with a grease or oil fire. However, many homeowners are injured each year trying to fight a fire in their home. If the fire is too severe, get out quickly, call 911 and leave it for the professionals. 

Take Extreme Caution When Using Turkey Fryers

Frying is the most dangerous form of cooking and turkey fryers pose a heightened risk. Turkey Fryers can tip over easily and can spread hot oil over a large surface area. Make sure your fryer is placed on a flat surface and mind how much oil you put in your fryer. An overfilled fryer will cause oil to splatter. Make sure that your turkey is completely thawed and dried. Oil and water do not mix! The sides, lid, and handles of a fryer can get extremely hot! Whenever using a fryer use caution and read all directions.

Be safe and happy cooking! 

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