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Best Apps for Your Home

Life is busier than ever, and apps can make things easier! Apps to help you manage your home and make your household more efficient are some of the newest and most exciting ways to simplify our lives! Luckily for us, we are in the golden age of apps – and while that definitely means quantity, it doesn't always mean quality. Too many apps and, suddenly, our life is more complicated again! They take up more and more real estate on our phones, and before you know it – you have 50 Apps that you don't even use or know what they do! To help streamline the chaos and we've compiled a list of top home apps to look out for:  

Houzz for Home Design 

​If you are a secret home decorator at heart, this app is the one for you! It is exceptional for those who are redecorating or redesigning their home. Houzz provides photos of room inspirations with pieces you can buy directly from the app. Not sure how furniture will look in your space, use the augmented reality function to see the design in your room. If your project has become too much for you to manage, hire a professional with one-click. Houzz is convenient, easy and fun to use.

2Do for List Making 

There are a ton of list making and to-do list creating apps out there. We like this app because it is extremely customizable. You can create different list categories to keep your home tasks, works tasks, school tasks, or customized task separate. There is also a section for quick notes, where you can jot down thoughts and ideas before you forget them. While it does have a slight learning curve to it, once you master all it can do, 2Do is made for speed. It is the perfect app for busy people on the go.  

Cozi for Home Management 

 Cozi is a shared family app, so everyone in your family can be on the same page. All family members use the same password to access calendars, to-do lists, and even recipe ideas. Upgrade to Cozi Gold and you can share shopping lists, monthly view, and birthday reminders. This app has won several awards for best family organization app. With one click glance at Cozi's app everyone knows what they are doing and when. Never hear, "you didn't tell me about that," again. This app also works with google calendar, apple calendar, and outlook calendars.

Wink for Smart Home Technology 

This app requires you to buy a hub for your home that connects all your smart home appliances to one site. The Wink Hub 2 connects to more devices than any other hub presently on the market. The app enables you to set your thermostat, unlock your doors, raise your blinds, open garage doors, whatever you have smart home technology for all in one place with one easy to use app. With Wink security is paramount and they have installed new hardware mechanism to prevent tampering and to ensure that your hub is only running on trusted software. 

vipHomeLink a Complete Home Management Solution 

This is the app that every homeowner needs to have! It is perfect for both the first time-homeowner or someone whose home has been in the family for generations. Stop searching for all your home documents and information, digitally store insurance policies, inspection reports, manuals, appliance details, dimensions, and so much more- all in one secure location. Always be up-to-date with home maintenance by receiving timely recommendations and notifications. Create a home inventory that will help make insurance claims easier. Use the Journal to keep track of repairs or renovations: upload invoices and receipts, snap pictures of inspirations or issues, and monitor work in progress. Finally, vipHomeLink allows the modern homeowner to see how their home is with the Home Fitness Index, it is like a "fitbit" for your house-it helps you know how well your home is doing and areas for improvement. This app is packed with a variety of features that might be available through other apps, but here you have all of this applications in on single solution!  

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