Most homes have never had a digital profile before....

......and we understand you may have a few questions.  Here are some that we've heard. 

If you have further questions - please reach us through the "Contact Us" form.

Frequently Asked Questions

vipHomeLink Basics

What are the benefits of vipHomeLink?
vipHomeLink helps it members save time and money while increasing the safety and value of their home.
Is it easy to use?
What do I get with my membership?
What does member-centric mean?
Will my information be safe?
Do you back-up my info?


How will vipHomeLink save me time?
vipHomeLink saves its members time in many ways - no more rumaging through old records to find information, no more searching the internet for hours only to finds sites making recommendations so they can sell you something.
With vipHomeLink, you get all of your home information in one place, and you get professionally written expert content to help guide your home experience.
How will vipHomeLink save me money?
How can vipHomeLink help increase the value of my home?
What will vipHomeLink help make my home safer?
How will vipHomeLink reduce stress?

General FAQs

Can I use vipHomeLink on any device?
Yes, vipHomeLink renders on any device.  You can easily access vipHomeLink through your web browser on your phone, iPad, or computer.  Be sure to bookmark the page for quicker access in the future.
Use your phone to easily snap and upload pics, use your iPad or desktop to upload documents -- you choose!
And stay tuned, our new vipHomeLink App will be available on iOS and Android soon!
Can I transfer my Home account?
How do I change or upgrade my account?
Will I get a bunch of marketing calls from vendors when I sign up?

Other FAQs

How can I use vipHomeLink in a real estate transaction?
vipHomeLink can be a huge help in selling a house - not just in increasing the value of the home with a documented, organized, digital home history - but, also in facilitating information sharing associated with a home sale transaction.  The 'Seller Disclosure Statement' becomes a snap!
No more wasted hours dealing with lost email attachments, permits, surveys, warranties, or finding old documents - just check vipHomeLink and download or print out what you need - it's in there!
Will my Personal account remain if I sell my home?
How do I log into my accounts?
What is the HFI Index?
Can I give my spouse or family member access?