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All You Need to Know about the Money Meter


Think about your car for a moment. (We're calling it "Clive.") Clive's monetary value depreciates as you wrack up those miles, but the more you take care of Clive, the more miles Clive will go. However, if Clive has visible signs of damage (like the blue paint on his fender from that pole you grazed), then the less monetary value Clive will have. (Of course, Clive's sentimental value will never depreciate.)

More care, more value 

The more you care for your home, the more value it has. That's how we approached the creation of the vipHomeLink Money Meter, a member-exclusive feature of our digital home management app. This meter takes into consideration the economic models that value homes. If you serviced your hot water heater, put in an automatic water shut-off valve, added a generator – the Money Meter provides an amount (from $ to $$$) to highlight how much you've invested in maintaining the home, and therefore added to the value of your home, simply by taking care of it.

In fact, instead of your home depreciating like good ol' Clive, your home may actually see an increase in value. 

Money Meter vs. Home Fitness Index 

Increase the value of your home by taking care of it with the help of vipHomeLink.

As you know, the app's Home Fitness Index calculates how well you've maintained your home or how "fit" your home is. (Think of it like that bracelet you might have around your wrist that measures your steps, heart rate, etc., but instead of measuring your personal fitness, it measures your home's.)

By taking care of your home, there will be less "wear and tear," your home inspection will come back better for you (and any potential future owners), and your Home Fitness Index will soar. As a result, your Money Meter will be higher as well.

Essentially, the higher your Home Fitness Index, the higher value you'll see reflected in the Money Meter. 

Increase your (home) wealth 

 To raise your Money Meter quickly, focus on these key areas:

  1. Inspect/maintain your chimney.
  2. Inspect your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms (including the batteries).
  3. Clean your dryer vent.
  4. Replace your washer's hose with a braided metal one.
  5. Inspect your key electrical and plumbing systems.
  6. Trim your trees.
  7. Install or inspect your automatic water shut-off valve.
  8. Install or inspect your generator.
  9. Make sure you have GFCIs installed and if not, install them. 

What happens if my Home Fitness Index decreases? What happens to my Money Meter? 

Learn more about your home and bump your HFI.

We're here to lift you up. If you begin to neglect your home, and your Home Fitness Index decreases, you will have missed a few super important home maintenance tasks. Your Money Meter will fall, and your home may revert back to an "average" value compared to other similar homes in your area. But who wants to be "average"? Simply complete the tasks (you can find them in your dashboard), and your Home Fitness Index will bump right back up. 

Find your Home Fitness Index and start upping your Money Meter with vipHomeLink's digital home management app. Subscribe today.

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