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"Weather impacts our lives and our homes in so many ways," says vipHomeLink Founder + CEO Alfred Bentley.

Whether you take an umbrella on your way out of the door or switch that outdoor run to a treadmill workout, is determined by what's happening outside your house.

But weather is essential to the inside of your home as well. If the Polar Vortex is coming back, you might want to leave your cold water dripping (to keep the pipes from freezing). If extreme heat is on the way, you might need to get your HVAC checked (to keep it working). High wind blowing into town? Time to bring in the outdoor furniture.

That's why the vipHomeLink home management app now comes with real time weather notifications and conditions on your dashboard.

Weather at home 

Get real-time weather conditions about your home.

The vipHomeLink app helps you to organize, maintain, and improve your home, and it's our mission to revolutionize the homeownership experience. We seek to engage, enable, and empower homeowners - to make their homes safer, smarter, and more valuable, all while saving you time and money.

Our newest features - including weather information and notifications - are to help you prepare your home in the case of extreme weather events.

"Homeownership is simpler and safer when you are prepared," says Alfred, "and that is what our weather notifications do."

Get push notifications and expert tips right on your phone.

This begins in the Home Profile. From the moment you open your home's profile, you'll see the weather conditions, humidity, wind speed, precipitation, and any weather alerts you should address.

(Currently at our Digital Content Manager's home, it's 65 degrees with scattered clouds, 49% humidity, wind speed at 8.99 mph, and precipitation at zero. Alerts are thankfully zero as well.)

Whether you're at work or socially-distancing on the beach, you'll know what's happening at home at all times simply by logging into the vipHomeLink app. 

Weather alerts on the app 

Avoid disaster by knowing what to do and when to do it.

We're always looking for ways to simplify homeownership, and that's essential when it comes to local weather updates. Knowing what's coming can help you prepare your home and avoid disaster.

"Anyone can look at a forecast," says Alfred. "Our vipHomeLink members know what to do before the first freeze of the winter or heat wave in summer. They know how to prepare for that upcoming wind event or the first major snowfall of the season."

Snow is coming. Are you ready?

The vipHomeLink app now sends notifications as well as preparation tips to ready your home, for the following events:

  • The first freeze of the year with tips to keep your pipes from freezing and your toes (and home) from getting cold.
  • A deep freeze or under 10 degrees to help you prepare your heating system.
  • High wind advisory with ideas to protect your home and help you through a power outage.
  • Snow totals of over six inches with tips to save your driveway, roof, and back.
  • Heavy rain spells with information about preventing water damage and home flooding.

Now with weather data, performance enhancements and other improvements, the vipHomeLink app is here to help make your home safer, more valuable, and more enjoyable.

This is homeownership, simplified! 

Not a member? (What are you waiting for!) Subscribe to the vipHomeLink app today with a monthly or annual membership.

Already a member? Download the upgraded vipHomeLink home management app now, available for Android users and on The App Store

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