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Routine Home Maintenance Plan for 2022

Reading time: 3 minutes  New year, new you, old home. Give your home the love it deserves this year by making a new year's resolution to take better care of it. Start by completing these routine maintenance tasks that are routinely overlooked! #1 – Vacuum your dryer vent  More than 2,900 clothes dryer fires are reported every year, and mo...
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How to Keep Your Home Healthy from Coronavirus

Reading time: 4 minutes At vipHomeLink, our mission is to help improve the safety of your home, so we reached out to Dr. Suzanne Bentley, Medical Director of the Elmhurst Satellite Simulation Center at Mount Sinai, to get answers to important questions you may have about the spread of coronavirus and what steps you can take to keep your home&n...
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Top 12 Holiday Decorating Safety Tips to Make Your Season Bright and Safe

Reading time: 5 minutes The winter holidays are here! Before you begin your celebrations (if you haven't already), here are 12 tips you need to know that will keep you and your loved ones safe whether you're lighting candles or decking the halls. Tip #1: Safe glowing!  Candles are a staple in all winter holidays, and according to the Nati...
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15 Holiday Fire Safety Tips That’ll Save Your Feast and Home

Reading time: 6 minutes Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fire and injuries in the United States. In a four-year period from 2014-2018, fire departments responded to over 170,000 cooking fires. That's approximately 470 home cooking fires a day that were reported. Unsurprisingly, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are the peak day...
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Cooking Safety Tips To Know Before Starting Turkey Prep

Reading time: 3 minutes It's not surprising that most home cooking fires occur on Thanksgiving, followed closely by Christmas Day, Christmas Eve, and the day before Thanksgiving. In fact, the National Fire Protection Association found that fire departments responded to an estimated 1,570 home cooking fires in 2016 alone. Over a 10-year period ...
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All-in-One Home Maintenance Checklist to Save Your Home from Winter's Wrath

A winter wonderland might be fun and beautiful, but it can do a number on your home. That's why we put together this winter home maintenance all-in-one guide that you can check off in one weekend to save your home from winter's wrath! Outdoor winter maintenance  Ah, the Great Outdoors! They can cause a lot of trouble for your property (and ins...
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11 Top Tips (+2 Bonus Secrets) to Elevate Your Home This November

Reading time: 6 minutes November is the time of year when we reflect on the things that make us thankful. This year your list might be like mine and include: family, friends, Ted Lasso (a feel good show that makes you believe again), Bluey (a show you are willing to binge watch with the kiddos), and a well-maintained house. If your list is short on...
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15 Things New Homeowners Totally Need (and Some They Actually Want)

Reading time: 5 minutes Housewarming gifts help a new house feel like a home. This is especially important when it comes to a first home, but what do your friends or family actually need? Sure, a candle or a bottle wine is a great gift, but is it something that they'll use to maintain or improve the home? Check out this list of the best gifts for n...
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Rooftop Maintenance You Should Do Now (Before It’s Too Late)

Reading time: 2 minutes  If completing maintenance on your roof isn't a priority, it should be. A new roof can cost as much as $40,000, and insurance companies may refuse to honor a damage claim if your roof was not well-maintained in the first place. Avoid costly issues and prolong the life of your roof by completing a few routine maintenance...
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The Top 10 Tasks to Complete Your October Home Checklist

Reading time: 4 minutes Even though Halloween is rapidly approaching, your home doesn't have to be a scary place (...unless you want it to be). That's why we're coming at you with the top ten tasks on your October home checklist, so you won't have to worry about your home. Ten may seem like a lot, but you did nine last month. So you've got this.&nb...
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11 Home Fire Facts That Will Alarm You

Reading time: 6 minutes  Home fires happen, and a startling number of them can be prevented. We know what you're thinking – "It won't happen to me" – but it happens to approximately 354,400 homes every year. By following a few home fire safety tips, you can lower your home fire risk and help to protect your loved ones. We recently welcomed And...
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Stork Stopping By? You Absolutely Must Read This Baby Proofing House List

Reading time: 5 minutes Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! This is a wonderful time in your life, but it can also be a scary one. Your baby is coming home to a potentially dangerous environment, so what things can you do to baby proof your house? We reached out to Arvey Levinsohn, owner of A&H Childproofers and a certified member of the...
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9 Next Level Items to Check Off Your September To Do List

Do you feel it? That strong urge to grab a pumpkin spice latte (or pro tip pumpkin spice cold brew)? Are you getting out your best apple picking outfit? It can only mean one thing - it's September, baby! No offense to Miss Rhode Island, Cheryl Fraiser, but September is the perfect date because the weather is "not too hot, not too cold, all you...
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Super Quick Guide to Replacing Your Household Appliances

Reading time: 4 minutes Your home is similar to the ship of Theseus. You're going to replace many of your home's appliances and structures during your time there, especially if you live in a home for more than a decade. (The current median duration in a home is 13 years.) Of course, any ship – or home – needs to be safe for its mates, so we put tog...
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Quick TIPS: 8 Steps to Protect Your Smart Home from Hackers

Where thieves used to pick your front door lock (and some still do), hackers are now making their way into your home via your smart technology. In fact, hackers are now targeting the most innocuous smart devices, like your lights and programmable thermostat. So how do you protect yourself from a smart home hack? We've got a few quick tips.  1....
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How to Beat Extreme Heat - Home Edition

Reading time: 3 minutes Extreme heat means you're now ordering iced coffee, and you're no longer cooking on your stove. You can fry that egg right on the pavement. Since heat waves are the leading cause of extreme weather-related deaths in the US and Death Valley hit incredible highs recently, we figured it was a good time to help you stay cool at ...
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8 Awesome Things You Need to Do for Your Home in August

Reading time: 4 minutes We could argue that August is the best time of the summer. The season is in full swing, and fall is a good 21 to 51 days away. But August is also a great time to complete home maintenance before the colder temperatures roll in. That's why we put together the eight things you need to do for your home every August! #1 - Go all...
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3 Things You Absolutely Must Do If Your House Is Haunted and The One Thing You Shouldn't

Reading time: 3 minutes  See something in the corner of your eye from time to time? Things flying through the air? Think you're living in a haunted house? We'll help you find out and deal with the ghostly presence making your home their life-after-death nest.  So you have a ghost presence in your house. Congratulations...
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Getting Smart about (Smart) Smoke Detectors

We all know the importance of having smoke detectors, but who among us has not disconnected one due to that low battery chirping or because it went off while you were cooking? Temporarily disconnecting your smoke detector may not seem like a big deal at the time, but often those low batteries won't get replaced or reconnected after the smoke-filled...
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3 Homeowner Horror Stories That Will Give You The Heebie-Jeebies

Reading time: 5 minutes Every new homeowner has at least one horror story. From collapsing floors to ants in the bed, these frights can keep you up at night, but many of these stories could have been prevented if the owners had known then what they know now. In the spirit of Halloween, here are some of the scariest homeowner stories we've heard alo...
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