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Indoor Home Health: How to Make Your Indoor Living Space Healthy

"Your house – including its indoor environment – is a reflection of your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being," says David Young, MPH, and indoor health specialist. While your home isn't quite a living, breathing organism, a house is more than just structure. It needs to be cared for or it will become ill. A home can, in turn, infect the home...
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What Is a Derecho Storm, and Why Isn’t There a Warning?

Reading time: 2 minutes  There are tornado warnings, thunderstorm warnings, and excessive heat warnings. Unfortunately, there isn't a derecho warning quite yet, but a derecho is another way Mother Nature unleashes her fury. Before you can protect your family and home from a derecho, it's important to know what you're up against.  What exa...
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8 Awesome Things You Need to Do for Your Home in August

Reading time: 4 minutes We could argue that August is the best time of the summer. The season is in full swing, and fall is a good 21 to 51 days away. But August is also a great time to complete home maintenance before the colder temperatures roll in. That's why we put together the eight things you need to do for your home every August! #1 - Go all...
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Awesome Wildfire Home Protection Tips: How to Save Your House and Family

Last year, California's skies went red like a scene straight out of a post-apocalyptic movie. In August 2020 alone, four of California's largest wildfires burned more than 2.1 million acres, destroyed more than 5,000 structures, and killed 22 people. When this year's fire season started, we reached out to Michele Steinberg, Director of Wildfir...
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Safety First! Top Safety Tips for DIY Projects That Save Your Fingers

Reading time: 4 minutes Here at vipHomeLink, we're all about maintaining your home. Unfortunately, every home project comes with some degree of danger. In 2019, more than 775,000 injuries were attributed to housework and home improvement projects, including more than 165,000 finger lacerations. (Ouch!) Since more homeowners are looking to tackle ho...
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Is Fido Safe at Home? Check Out These Home Pet Safety Tips

Reading time: 6 minutes Whether you're getting your first – or fifth! – pet, it's important to know the tips and tricks to keeping your pet safe when you're home or at work. That's why we reached out to Lindsey Wolko of the Center for Pet Safety, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to protecting pets and the people who love them. Read on to ...
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Top Professional Organizing Tips to Improve Your Home's Value and Safety

Reading time: 5 minutes We like our stuff, don't we? Like Gollum in Lord of the Rings, we sometimes grip our personal belongings and hiss, "My precious." While vipHomeLink is always a no judgement zone, home safety and home organization go hand in hand. If your home is well organized, you may be able to catch problems before they become costly repa...
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Top 8 Answers to the Questions You Never Knew to Ask About Home Window Replacement

Do your windows only have one pane? Maybe the glass is cracked. Or perhaps you just get super cold in the winter from a draft near your picture window. But how do you know when it's time to replace windows, and even if you do, what kind is best for your home? We spoke with Craig Diamond of Diamond Home Service to find out the answers to important h...
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Super Quick Guide to Replacing Your Household Appliances

Reading time: 4 minutes Your home is similar to the ship of Theseus. You're going to replace many of your home's appliances and structures during your time there, especially if you live in a home for more than a decade. (The current median duration in a home is 13 years.) Of course, any ship – or home – needs to be safe for its mates, so we put tog...
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A Real Pane: How to Maintain Your Windows and Protect Your Home

Reading time: 3 minutes Windows help to keep you safe from the elements, warm your home, and give you awesome views of the outside world. Unfortunately, they also need to be maintained to function properly, and there's more to it than just washing. That's why we put together this rundown of essential house window maintenance tips, so your windows c...
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Save Your Home: The Home Maintenance Schedule You Need Every 2-10 Years

Reading time: 4 minutes Maintaining your home is not a sprint. In fact, it's a marathon – one that doesn't end after 26 miles or 26 years. It's continuous, and while it's great to get into a routine of knowing what to do and when to do it around the home, this maintenance plan can be disrupted with tasks that pop up every two, five, or even 10...
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Summer Lawn Care Tips: How to Keep Your Lawn Green

Reading time: 3 minutes The summer can be harsh on your lawn. A few sweltering days can leave it with an unfortunate case of sunburn, so if your lawn is quickly losing its green color, save it with these tips for taking care of your lawn in the summer heat! #1 - Adjust your mower blade  Avoid giving your lawn a close shave, and inste...
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Missing Your Crystal Ball? Then You Absolutely Need Umbrella Insurance

Reading time: 3.5 minutes "You can never predict what will happen in life," says Katie Unruh Vang of the Unruh Insurance Agency. A friend comes over to swim in your pool, slips, and is paralyzed. A window unit air conditioner falls out and injures a passerby. Someone borrows your snowmobile and is thrown off. You don't know what the future holds, b...
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Why Your Basement is Leaking and How to Save It

Reading time: 4.5 minutes It's a day like any other. You get up, start your coffee, and then head downstairs to put a load of wash in – only to step in a puddle of water. You may have a leaky water heater or you may have a foundation issue. We reached out to Matt Stock of U.S. Waterproofing in Chicago, Illinois, to find out! U.S. Waterproofing has ...
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Going Away? 17 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe During Vacation

It's been a long year, and this may be your first shot to get away! If you've been fortunate to be home, you may have a little bit of separation anxiety. Will your home be safe without you? How can you make sure no one breaks in and steals your 50" flatscreen TV or your snow globe collection? No worries! We have 17 summer home security tips to prev...
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Weekend Wisdom: Top 11 Summer Home Maintenance Tips

Reading time: 4.5 minutes The moment you've been waiting for all year is finally here - the start of summer! While your shorts and flip flops may be ready, is your home? Like your skin needs sunscreen, your home also needs protection from the harsh elements. That's why we put together these summer maintenance tips for your home - to help you prepar...
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5 Pool Safety Tips for Summer

Safety first! That should always be your mantra around the pool, but what steps should you take to make sure your pool is safe for everyone this summer? "There's a wide variety of safety equipment out there," says Jason Ori of Rosebrook Custom Inground Pools. "The pool industry now has a tremendous amount of products that are available to make sure...
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The 2021 Hurricane Preparedness Checklist

Hurricane season is back, and once again, it's no surprise that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) warns of an above-normal storm season. That means you can expect power outages, storm surges, and other perilous problems, now through November 30. An unprepared homeowner can be left with thousands of dollars in damage fr...
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Summer Tips: Keeping Your Backyard Pool Healthy & Clean

Reading time: 3 minutes Pools are made for enjoying, but along with the cannonballs and mandatory flamingo floaties also comes pool maintenance and safety. If you have a backyard oasis, you need to keep the water clean and the area safe to make sure you, your family, and your guests can enjoy the pool to the fullest. That's why we reached out to Ja...
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Why Dialing 811 Before You Dig Is Not Optional

Reading time: 3 minutes  While replacing a mailbox post or starting a garden may seem like innocuous tasks, they can lead to incredible danger. "I remembered seeing a news story about a DIYer who hit a natural gas line," says vipHomeLink Founder and CEO Alfred Bentley, "and I never wanted that to be me!" When Alfred wanted to dig up tree stump...
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