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Top 12 Holiday Decorating Safety Tips to Make Your Season Bright and Safe

Reading time: 5 minutes The winter holidays are here! Before you begin your celebrations (if you haven't already), here are 12 tips you need to know that will keep you and your loved ones safe whether you're lighting candles or decking the halls. Tip #1: Safe glowing!  Candles are a staple in all winter holidays, and according to the Nati...
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15 Holiday Fire Safety Tips That’ll Save Your Feast and Home

Reading time: 6 minutes Cooking fires are the number one cause of home fire and injuries in the United States. In a four-year period from 2014-2018, fire departments responded to over 170,000 cooking fires. That's approximately 470 home cooking fires a day that were reported. Unsurprisingly, Thanksgiving and Christmas Day are the peak day...
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Super Important Generator Safety Precautions That Can Save Your Life

Reading time: 4 minutes Portable generators are typically used after natural disasters, such as hurricanes or massive snowstorms. Unfortunately, when disaster strikes, people tend to panic, and safety isn't always top of mind. That's why it's important to learn generator safety precautions before you need to use one. With cold temperatures already ...
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Electricity and Water Do Not Mix: How to Stay Safe at Home with GFCIs

Reading time: 3.5 minutes You might have heard – electricity and water do not mix. This can be a problem in your home where most appliances run on electricity and are often located near areas with water. Since GFCIs, or ground fault circuit interrupters, were introduced in the 1970s, electrocutions have dropped significantly, but many people take t...
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How to Unclog a Toilet (and Stop It from Backing Up Again)

Reading time: 4 minutes November 17th is World Toilet Day, which celebrates one of the most necessary modern marvels and brings awareness of the 4.2 billion people around the world who live without safely managed sanitation. Learn more about World Toilet Day and how you can help on the United Nations' official page! If you're fortunate to live with...
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11 Top Tips (+2 Bonus Secrets) to Elevate Your Home This November

Reading time: 6 minutes November is the time of year when we reflect on the things that make us thankful. This year your list might be like mine and include: family, friends, Ted Lasso (a feel good show that makes you believe again), Bluey (a show you are willing to binge watch with the kiddos), and a well-maintained house. If your list is short on...
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Is Your Fireplace Too Hot to Handle? Essential Fireplace Safety Tips

The nip is back in the air, which means it's time to get warm and cozy by the fire. Unfortunately, using a fireplace doesn't come without risk. Each year, an average of 22,000 home fires occur in the fireplace or chimney, and who doesn't remember Rachel Ray's chimney fire that tore through her home last year? Prevent a chimney fire from happening i...
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Rooftop Maintenance You Should Do Now (Before It’s Too Late)

Reading time: 2 minutes  If completing maintenance on your roof isn't a priority, it should be. A new roof can cost as much as $40,000, and insurance companies may refuse to honor a damage claim if your roof was not well-maintained in the first place. Avoid costly issues and prolong the life of your roof by completing a few routine maintenance...
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Realtor Roundtable 2021: How to Improve Your Chances of Buying or Selling a Home

Reading time: 6 minutes The real estate market has been in flux since the pandemic hit last year. Home seekers flooded the market, wanting wide open spaces and larger living areas. Though the market has slowed, there's still low inventory, low interest rates, and high prices. How can you hope to navigate the intense landscape? We went to the expert...
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Mold in Your House: How to Banish and Prevent the Gross Green Growth

Reading time: 4.5 minutes We're all in favor of "going green," but when it comes to mold, you definitely want to prevent green from taking over your home. That's why we reached out to Bill Titus of J.C. Restoration, Inc., who has been specializing in mold remediation for more than four years. Bill helps between 100 and 200 homeowners each year to e...
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11 Home Fire Facts That Will Alarm You

Reading time: 6 minutes  Home fires happen, and a startling number of them can be prevented. We know what you're thinking – "It won't happen to me" – but it happens to approximately 354,400 homes every year. By following a few home fire safety tips, you can lower your home fire risk and help to protect your loved ones. We recently welcomed And...
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Most Popular Home Insurance Endorsements and Why Your Home Needs Them

Reading time: 4 minutes Earthquakes, heavy snow, tree roots in your sewer line – are damages from these issues covered in a standard homeowners policy? Spoiler alert: Many times they're not, but the good news is – endorsements on your insurance policy will cover these issues and more. To find out the ins and outs of home insurance endorsements, we ...
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Not-So-Scary Essential Fall Home Maintenance

Not-So-Scary Essential Fall Home Maintenance
Reading time: 3 minutes Halloween is a time for ghoulish delights, not homeowner frights, but that's exactly what your home might deliver. And when you have expected guests popping in for treats, you don't want to worry about the tricks your home might pull - now and in the coming months. So we've put together a checklist of not-so-scary home maint...
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Stork Stopping By? You Absolutely Must Read This Baby Proofing House List

Reading time: 5 minutes Congratulations on your new bundle of joy! This is a wonderful time in your life, but it can also be a scary one. Your baby is coming home to a potentially dangerous environment, so what things can you do to baby proof your house? We reached out to Arvey Levinsohn, owner of A&H Childproofers and a certified member of the...
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The Top 10 Tasks to Complete Your October Home Checklist

Reading time: 4 minutes Even though Halloween is rapidly approaching, your home doesn't have to be a scary place (...unless you want it to be). That's why we're coming at you with the top ten tasks on your October home checklist, so you won't have to worry about your home. Ten may seem like a lot, but you did nine last month. So you've got this.&nb...
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8 Amazing Plants That Will Actually Reduce Indoor Air Pollution

Reading time: 3 minutes A breath of fresh air can be hard to get inside your home. Between volatile organic compounds (or VOCs) that come with furniture, carpeting, and even drywall to the food particles that come with cooking – the indoor air quality of your home may be dangerously unhealthy. Can a few indoor plants help you achieve better air qua...
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Dreading a Roof Replacement? Here's How to Enjoy a Painless Process

Reading time: 5 minutes One of the most dreaded home improvement projects is the roof replacement. "You need a good roof," says VP of Ecosystem Development Paul Chadowski, who owned his own insurance agency for more than 26 years. "Ours was reaching the 25-year mark, so we knew it was time to have it inspected and most likely replaced." Unfortunate...
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Unfortunate Labor Day Cooking Mishaps That Can Ruin Your BBQ

Reading time: 4 minutes  Labor Day Weekend is the unofficial end of summer, and if you're a summer griller, then this is your last hurrah of the season. Unfortunately, it's also prime time for cooking mishaps. Enjoy the remaining lazy, crazy, hazy days of summer by avoiding these common cooking and/or grilling mishaps that can land you or some...
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How to Get Rid of Unwanted Flying Pests in Your Home

Reading time: 4.5 minutes It's late on a Saturday night, and like the wild and crazy person you are, you're doing laundry. As you head down into your basement, an unidentified flying object soars in front of you. You scream, but then what? We've got your back. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you get a bat or a bird out of your house. How to ca...
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Quick TIPS: 8 Steps to Protect Your Smart Home from Hackers

Where thieves used to pick your front door lock (and some still do), hackers are now making their way into your home via your smart technology. In fact, hackers are now targeting the most innocuous smart devices, like your lights and programmable thermostat. So how do you protect yourself from a smart home hack? We've got a few quick tips.  1....
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