8 Awesome Things You Need to Do for Your Home in August

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We could argue that August is the best time of the summer. The season is in full swing, and fall is a good 21 to 51 days away. But August is also a great time to complete home maintenance before the colder temperatures roll in. That's why we put together the eight things you need to do for your home every August!

#1 - Go all Mr. Clean on your walkways and patios

Does your mail carrier think your walkway is safe?

Are your walkways, patios, and entertainment spaces getting attention this year? Unfortunately, that also means they might be getting decorated with grease, dirt, and food stains that can leave permanent marks on your stone. Before those stains set, get a gentle stone soap or mild detergent to wash your stones, along with a soft cloth.

Also, clip any wayward branches and vines from your walkways. If you'll be hosting for the rest of the summer, you want to make sure your guests won't trip over any vines or branches. (Your mail carrier will thank you, too!)

#2 – Clean areas that need ventilation to dry 

Tackle that interior paint job!

While it's warm outside, take advantage of the shorter drying times. Shampoo your carpets, clean or remodel your basement, air out of your attic. You may even want to tackle that must-needed inside paint job, so you can keep the windows open and create a drying draft.

#3 – Check your home's perimeter for security lapses

Does your fence need a sprucing up?

If you live in the Northern Hemisphere, then the days are getting shorter for you. Before winter – and its long nights – are upon us, check your home's perimeter and outdoor security measures.

When was the last night you changed your lightbulbs? Is your fence still in good-working order? (You may need to hire a professional to fix it.) Are there any shrubs that are close to your home and can double as hiding places for burglars?

Take care of these issues now or get a professional to help!

#4 – Don't feed the wildlife

Even your garage can needs to be cleaned.

Your garbage bins can be smorgasbords for bears, racoons, and all kinds of wildlife around your home. To close your restaurant for the rest of the summer, clean your garbage bins thoroughly to reduce odors, which invite wildlife as food sources dwindle. If your area is prone to bear sightings, then consider investing in bear-proof bins or bear-proof locks for your bins.

#5 – Stop unwanted guests from getting in your home

Close any holes around your home.

Seal gaps around your home that would allow pests to enter. Check around your foundation and plug up any holes you see with caulk or spray form. Make sure to look where your cable cord, dryer vent, and/or gas line enters your home.

Don't forget to cut branches around your home, especially those near your roof. Not only can they lift shingles and cause costly damage to your roof, but pests also use branches to get onto and into your home.

If you do have find pests, you may want to call a professional to handle the situation.

Get more home pest control tips in Home Pest Control Tips That Actually Work

#6 – Replenish your emergency supplies

Prepare your home for Mother Nature's storms.

Have summer's severe storms caused you to dig into your emergency supplies? You definitely do not want to be out essential items, such as batteries, a first aid kit, blankets, food or water, when winter's storms come around. Not to mention, wildfire season runs through September on the West Coast, and hurricane season doesn't end until November 30th on the East Coast. So you need to be ready in case of emergency or even evacuation.

The vipHomeLink app can help! We send critical weather alerts to your phone ahead of severe weather events along with preparedness tips, so you can be ready for whatever Mother Nature sends your way! After all, homeownership is simpler and safer when you are prepared.

Download the vipHomeLink app from the App Store and Google Play now.

 #7 – Venture into the crawl spaces

We know it's scary.

While you might want wait until a cool, summer day, you should venture into your crawlspaces to see how the places you usually avoid are faring. Is the plumbing still intact? Do you have any mold up there or dead bugs that might attract pests? Do you have insulation where it needs to be, or do you need to add more? Are there any signs of termites?

Take care of these issues now while it's warm, so you're not tackling them when it's freezing.

Learn how to get rid of termites in your home and what the early warning signs are of termite infestation in Taking a Bite Out of Homes: Termite Q&A with a Board-Certified Entomologist from Orkin

#8 – Call your HVAC service technician

Service your HVAC unit.

We know you don't want to think about fall quite yet – neither do we! – but unfortunately, you should prepare for winter's cold touch. Call your HVAC service technician to have your HVAC or furnace serviced, so it'll be ready for that switch from cold to hot. Also, this helps to ensure you won't wake up in the middle of the night to bursting pipes.

If your pipes unfortunately do burst, then read this – What to Do When Your Pipes Freeze & Prevention Tips.

Know what to do and when to do it!

vipHomeLink can help!

Here at vipHomeLink, we know how difficult it is to know what to do and when to do it around the home. That's why we created our home management app, which provides homeowners with personalized reminders for home maintenance tasks. From cleaning your dryer vent to defrosting your ice maker and everything in between, we've got you covered.

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